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Although there are many reasons you may have clogged sewer lines, trees are the number one cause for sewer line damage. Water is constantly running through your pipes, which causes water vapor to escape into the surrounding soil. This water vapor attracts nearby tree roots that are searching for moisture. The roots crack the sewer lines, invade, and cause debris to accumulate. The end result is a backed up drainage system.

In addition to roots in sewer lines, objects that are flushed down the toilet or dropped down the sink can also cause clogged sewer lines and debris to accumulate. Extreme changes in temperature can cause sewer lines to crack, and sewer lines can break down simply because of age.

If your toilets and faucets are draining substantially slower, if you hear gurgling noises, or if you simply want a good sewer line cleaning, call McCarthy Services. We perform a video inspection of your sewer line to determine exactly what the problem is; therefore, we are extremely efficient in sewer line repair and sewer line replacement.

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