Service Plans for your Air Conditioner in Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington VA

If you take care of something properly, it will most likely lasting longer. This concept applies to vehicles, your body, and even your home comfort system. Professional heat pump or air conditioner maintenance in Fairfax, Alexandria or Arlington, VA should be performed every year to help your system run more efficiently, last longer, and reduce the need for sudden, costly repairs.

At McCarthy Services, our highly affordable air conditioner tune up service includes the following:

  • Inspect and clean the condenser
  • Inspect the outdoor disconnect
  • Inspect coolant levels and pressure—to ensure your system runs at peak efficiency
  • Calibrate thermostat(s) and check proper cycle and temperature—to improve comfort and control
  • Inspect and tighten wiring, contacts, capacitors and relays—to avoid expensive repairs
  • Ensure the condensate drain is clear
  • Ensure the evaporator coil is clean
  • Check compressor amps at startup
  • Inspect the condenser fan motor and blades; lubricate if needed
  • Plus more safety and efficiency checks

Upon completion of your heat pump or air conditioning maintenance, our service technicians will provide any concerns or recommendations for your cooling system. If you are not a Home Service Plan holder, they may also discuss our plan options with you. With every Home Service Plan, servicing your air conditioner with a professional tune up and safety inspection is included.

Don't just let your system go year after year without being maintained. Not only do you have a greater risk for breakdowns, but you may also pay higher utility bills every month. The affordable cost for McCarthy's Air Conditioner Tune Up service in Fairfas, Alexandria & Arlington, Va is worth every penny. Call (703) 253-7469 or schedule an appointment online today!

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