Fairfax Air conditioning and HVAC Installation

When it comes to air conditioning and HVAC in general, it’s important to have fully functioning systems to help you enjoy your daily life in comfort. At McCarthy Services, we understand just how much you rely on your HVAC system, which is why we proudly offer our expertise to keep you cool. Our years in the HVAC industry have given us special insight to determine the best, most efficient way to keep you and your house climate controlled in the summer. Depending on your house, you may have geothermal, ductless, or zoned A/C systems. Luckily, we are highly experienced with all air conditioning systems and can provide instant relief to your home. If you’re suffering from the heat or looking to have a new air conditioning system installed before the heat strikes, McCarthy Services has the equipment and knowledge you can depend on. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and we can then discuss which system would best suit your house. Don’t wait any longer; your expert HVAC installation is only a call away!

Zoned air conditioning systems

A zoned system gives you control over your energy bills. It utilizes multiple comfort zones to cool different areas of your home by adjusting the temperature up or down. This type of air conditioning system can help you control your energy costs by cooling only the areas of your home that are used or needed. When it comes to professional air conditioner replacement in Fairfax and Northern Virginia, McCarthy Services has you covered. With our rapid HVAC installation services, we’ll have your house at a cool and comfortable temperature in no time at all.

Ductless air conditioning systems

If you are retrofitting an older home that does not have air ducts, or if you construct an addition that you don’t wish to install or extend air ducts from the central system, a ductless system may be your best choice. With a ductless air conditioner, small indoor air handling units cool individual rooms or zones. These systems are great for providing everyone with their desired temperature without having to compromise. As ductless A/C systems use significantly less energy than traditional units, they are also a great way to cut down on energy costs. In addition, the extensive filtration systems in ductless air conditioners reduce allergens and dust, providing clean air quality for your home. Along with being very quiet and easy to install, ductless air conditioners are extremely popular alternatives to traditional systems. Find comfort in your home and with your budget by scheduling our HVAC installation team today!

Geothermal air conditioning systems

The ground remains a constant temperature year-round, regardless of how hot or cold the air is. A geothermal system uses this temperature from the earth to provide heat or A/C instead of relying on the outside air. Although typically higher in cost, these systems are extremely energy efficient, quiet, and need little maintenance. In addition, they last many years, which saves costs down the road for replacements. Many people choose geothermal air conditioning units, as they are recognized as the most environmentally friendly systems to heat and cool houses. With its many benefits, geothermal A/C has gained major popularity among house owners. If you’re curious about geothermal air conditioning and want to find out if your house is right for a system, contact us today. Our HVAC installation team will gladly help you become more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and comfortable.

Dual source heat pumps

These systems combine geothermal heat pumps with air source heat pumps. Although they are typically less expensive than a full geothermal system, they are not as energy efficient. However, when it comes to reliable air conditioning and heating systems, dual source heat pumps are among the best. As they draw energy from both gas and electricity, fluctuations and problems are less likely to occur. If, for any reason, one source has issues, the other provides backup. For this reason, many people depend on dual source heat pumps as their primary source of cooling and heating.

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