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Your sump pump is a valuable line of defense against basement and home flooding. Sump pumps are on call around the clock, ready to begin pumping water away from your home if flooding begins to occur during a storm or other situation. Because you rely on your sump pump to protect your home from floods and water damage, it’s also important to ensure your sump pump remains ready to act and in good repair, so you know it will perform at peak capacity if flooding arises. If you think you may need sump pump repair in Alexandria, VA, don’t wait—contact your plumbing expert promptly for the professional repair service your sump pump needs.

Sump Pump Warning Signs

In most cases, your sump pump will activate, complete its work, and deactivate without your notice. However, there are some signs that may come to your attention that signal the need for sump pump repair. Unusual noises such as clanging, gurgling, or a generally loud noise level that you’ve never heard before during sump pump operations are common indicators that there is a problem with your sump pump or your drainage system that must be rectified by a professional plumber. Additionally, if you notice signs of water damage or flooding, such as high humidity, water stains, or damp floors in the area around your sump pit, it could indicate that your sump pump is having trouble keeping your basement dry. Any time you have concerns about the performance of your sump pump, contacting your professional plumber is the best way to ensure you receive the sump pump repair help you need.

Testing Your Sump Pump

One of the simplest and fastest ways to determine whether you need sump pump repair is to test your sump pump’s function under controlled circumstances. To test your sump pump, fill a large bucket with water and add it slowly to your sump pit so that the water level will rise. You’ll need to add enough water to ensure the level rises past the trigger point on your sump pump’s switch or float. During this process, watch your sump pump to make sure it activates at the right time, then removes water so the level drops and deactivates once the excess has been drained. If your sump pump doesn’t activate or run properly during this test, it’s time to call in your plumber for sump pump repair.

Knowing the signs of a failing or damaged sump pump is the best way to determine when it’s time for professional sump pump repair in Alexandria, VA. You can learn more about preventing floods and other home plumbing problems with the help of your plumbing service when you click through the articles on our blog , or schedule service for your sump pump, plumbing, or HVAC system by contacting us on our website.

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