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Today, a significant portion of new homes are built with ductwork in place to accommodate a central HVAC system. However, many older homes in the Arlington area don’t have these ducts in place, making it impossible to enjoy central heating and cooling without costly renovations to install ductwork before a central furnace and air conditioner can be used. If you’re tired of turning to room heaters and air conditioners but don’t want to go through the trouble of installing central ductwork, there is a convenient and cost-effective option available to you: mini-split HVAC systems. This efficient heating and cooling solution can provide space conditioning for several rooms at once but doesn’t require the expensive and time-consuming installation of ductwork, allowing you to enjoy heating and cooling more quickly and at a lower cost than the alternative.

Mini-Split HVAC Systems: Convenience

Installing a mini-split HVAC system in your home can achieve multi-room space conditioning quickly and conveniently. A ductless system can be installed in any room, including garages, attics, basements, and home additions, all without the need to retrofit the area with ductwork. In many cases, mini-split systems take a single day or less to install, as opposed to the several days or even weeks necessary to install ductwork before a central HVAC system can be utilized. Mini-split systems are capable of providing heating and cooling for a single room or multiple rooms at once, depending on the capacity of the unit you choose, Individual air handlers can be mounted anywhere you prefer, including walls and ceilings, for both convenience and aesthetics. Air handlers are often controlled via remote, which makes adjusting air temperature, humidity, and even fan speed easy and instantaneous. Ductless mini-split heat pumps provide high-efficiency heating and cooling via the same appliance, and can even produce heat at much lower outdoor temperatures than central heat pump systems.

Mini-Split HVAC Systems: Efficiency

Mini-split HVAC systems automatically create a zoned HVAC system. HVAC zoning splits your home into “zones,” allowing you to heat and cool certain areas of your home while bypassing others to save energy and money. In a home with a central HVAC system, retrofitting that system to utilize zoning can be a costly process. By contrast, mini-split HVAC systems are ideal for zoning immediately upon installation because they place a separate air handler in each room. Simply turning the air handler on or off when you enter or leave a room reduces the load on your HVAC system and saves money by ensuring that only occupied rooms receive conditioned air. Furthermore, central HVAC systems become susceptible to energy losses as the ducts that carry air throughout a home sustain wear or damage over time. Because mini-split HVAC systems don’t incorporate ducts, they are not subject to these losses, allowing them to remain highly efficient over the long term and eliminating costs associated with duct repair.

If you’re looking for a way to update your Arlington home’s heating and cooling solution, a mini-split HVAC system could be the right choice for you. Our HVAC service experts have extensive experience with all types of heating and cooling systems, including mini-split HVAC systems, and can help you evaluate your home comfort needs and your budget to make the right selection. You can find out more about mini-split HVAC systems and other home heating and cooling options when you click through our website or take a look at our archived blog articles.

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