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5 Ways an HVAC Technician in Alexandria Can Save You Money

You may think you’ve mastered the art of HVAC maintenance in Alexandria, VA, but even the most avid do-it-yourselfers need a little help from the professionals now and then. Fortunately, a visit from an HVAC technician doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, it can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

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Preventing Maintenance Issues

It seems every HVAC technician recommends an annual inspection of both your furnace and your air conditioner. This isn’t just a way to get money out of your pocket. Preventative maintenance can pinpoint numerous issues before they require major—and costly—repairs. An air conditioning inspection alone can reveal problems with your thermostat, condenser coils, and blower components. It will also ensure that your unit is running clean and efficiently.

Finding Areas of Energy Loss

If you’re eager to find ways to save on energy costs, the first thing you should focus on is scheduling an energy audit. During an energy audit, an HVAC technician will determine where your house is losing energy. He or she will conduct a blower test, a thermographic scan, and a visual inspection of your air ducts and insulation to find areas in need of improvement. Many homeowners find the savings to be substantial.

Sealing Your Air Ducts

When it comes to saving on energy costs, many people focus on big-ticket items like furnaces and air conditioners. Less noticed, but equally important, are the main thoroughfares of your HVAC system: your air ducts. Ducts that are poorly sealed or insulated will lead to higher energy bills, no matter how efficient your HVAC system is. An HVAC technician will take special care to seal your air ducts from leaks and energy loss, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in the process.

Installing New Insulation

Many older homes were built with less insulation than is common today, but even newer homes could benefit from an added buffer against the elements. By calling an HVAC technician in or around Alexandria, VA, you can get a professional inspection of the insulation in your walls, attics, and crawlspace. Adding extra insulation in any of these areas can enhance your home’s comfort and save you on energy costs.

Controlling Humidity Levels

What does humidity have to do with energy bills? A lot, in fact. A home with well-balanced humidity makes you feel more comfortable and less apt to crank your thermostat. It also prevents the buildup of mold in homes where humidity is too high and structural damage in homes where it’s too low. A professional can inspect your home for moisture problems and recommend a fix, such as humidifiers or vaporizers.

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