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Plumbing plays an integral role in your everyday life. Your Arlington plumber is dedicated to maintaining and repairing your plumbing so you can enjoy this convenience without interruption. However, there are several ways in which you can help your plumber care for your plumbing to improve its performance over the short and long term. Caring properly for your plumbing will increase its longevity and lower the risk of problems that affect your daily tasks.

Use Your Garbage Disposal Properly

It can be tempting to scrape the contents of every plate down your kitchen drain to be handled by your garbage disposal. However, while garbage disposal technology is quite robust, there are a few types of foods that this appliance cannot safely handle. Avoid putting animal bones, corncobs, or fruit rinds down your disposal, as these could damage or dislodge the appliance’s blades. Foods such as cooking grease or fat, rice, and pasta can harden or expand inside the disposal or the drainpipes, causing stubborn clogs that could lead to wastewater backup. Running the cold water whenever you use the disposal and flushing the drainpipe periodically will help to prevent clogs in your kitchen sink.

Take Care with Your Toilets

Like your disposal, your toilets are an important yet delicate part of your plumbing. Toilets may seem like they can handle nearly anything, but their drains are actually quite narrow and can become easily clogged. Never flush any manmade item except for toilet paper down your toilet—even tissues and paper towels could cause clogs by failing to dissolve properly on their way through your plumbing. Closing the toilet lid can prevent items from accidentally falling or being knocked into the bowl, which is also a common cause of toilet clogs even among vigilant homeowners.

Avoid Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Although they are available in nearly any convenience or hardware store, drain cleaning chemicals can actually do more harm than good. These harsh chemicals have the potential to damage your plumbing pipes, joints, and fixtures when overused, which can lead to leaks that cause water damage underneath sinks and behind walls. Rather than turning to drain cleaning chemicals, use a plunger or an eco-friendly solution to clear your drains, such as a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water. Your Arlington plumber can suggest eco-friendly drain cleaning products for drain maintenance and cleaning. Any time you cannot address a clog easily on your own, it’s important to call in your plumber for professional attention, rather than allow the problem to worsen.

Stay Vigilant

As a homeowner, you know your plumbing better than anyone else. From slow drains to less hot water than you expect, any small change in plumbing performance should be addressed as soon as you notice it. Many homeowners allow problems to persist, either because they don’t have the time to deal with the issue immediately or because they don’t think the problem is a concern. However, the longer you let a plumbing issue remain unfixed, the larger the risk of sustaining serious damage to your plumbing or your home. Calling your plumber for help is the easiest way to extend the lifetime of your pipes, fixtures, and appliances and significantly lower the risk of a problem that could cause widespread damage.

We can help you care for your plumbing in Arlington, VA—click on over to our website to reach an experienced plumber for help, or stop by our blog to discover more tips you can use to maintain and improve your home’s plumbing function and longevity.

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