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Furnace equipment is available in a variety of sizes and styles. Finding the right furnace for your home means getting the greatest return on your investment, including years of problem-free heating and greater energy efficiency for lower heating bills throughout the winter. A furnace that is too large or too small for your home will affect your comfort in various ways—if you need help choosing and installing a new heating system in Arlington, VA, your heating and cooling service is your best resource for the information and assistance you need.

Undersized Furnace

An undersized furnace is an appliance that, regardless of the heating mechanism used, cannot produce enough heating capacity to warm the total square footage of your living space. The most common reasons homeowners buy furnaces that are too small for their homes is price, but the lack of adequate heat typically causes the cost of operating the furnace over its functional lifetime far outweigh any savings gained upfront by purchasing a smaller unit. Undersized furnaces have the greatest effects on home comfort at night, when homeowners typically lower their thermostat by a few degrees, and during the coldest days of the winter when the system simply cannot compensate adequately for the temperature difference desired between the outdoors and your home’s interior.

Oversized Furnace

By contrast, an oversized furnace is a unit that can produce vastly more heating than is necessary to maintain comfort in the total square footage of your home. While many homeowners feel that “bigger is better,” an oversized furnace is often even less efficient than an undersized furnace. Because the furnace produces excess heat quickly, some areas of your home will become too warm shortly after the furnace activates, while other areas will remain cold or uncomfortable as the furnace goes through its “warm-up” phase. If your home is also suffering from inadequate insulation or leaky ducts, an oversized furnace may run constantly, causing the costs of furnace operation to skyrocket without producing the even home heating you want. Constant operation or frequent cycling will also lower the expected functional lifetime of the system, costing you more in terms of replacement costs before you should feasibly expect to replace your home heating system.

Perfectly-Sized Furnace

A furnace that is just right for your home has a heating capacity that is as close to the square footage of your living spaces as possible. While this furnace may run more often on the very coldest days of the year, it will keep your home more comfortable overall without excessive operational costs. The right-sized furnace will only cycle on and off periodically, which will further reduce heating costs and prolong the lifetime of the system so you are able to use your furnace for the full expected lifetime of the appliance. Because finding the right size furnace for your home requires such close matching of square footage and heating capacity, a home heating expert is often your best resource when choosing a new heating system.

Once you’ve found the perfect furnace for your home, professional installation is the key to ensuring heating system efficiency and longevity. Please stop by our website for additional details about our services, including home heating and cooling maintenance, repair, and replacement in Arlington. You can also learn more about replacing your home’s heating system and how to choose the right option for your needs when you click through the articles on our monthly blog.

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