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Don’t Risk Your Family’s Health; Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors Throughout Your Home Today

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas that is created when fossil fuels are burned (such as coal, wood and oil). It’s not something we can see, taste or smell, but in large quantities, it can be dangerous and even deadly to our bodies. Unfortunately, many appliances in your home such as hot water heaters, gas stoves, and fireplaces create an abundance of carbon monoxide simply from day to day operation.

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Protect Your Family

Install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home today. The purpose of a carbon monoxide detector is to determine the presence and level of carbon monoxide (CO) gas. If levels are high enough to create a danger for carbon monoxide poisoning, the detector will sound an alarm. To protect your family, you should install multiple CO detectors throughout your home and test them monthly.

To learn more about carbon monoxide detectors and protect your family and home, contact the air quality specialists at McCarthy Services online or call (703) 924-1650.

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