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Improve Your Family’s Comfort and Prevent Mold Growth with a Whole House Dehumidifier

If you have too much humidity in your home, you may have sweaty floors, musty odors, and water droplets on your pipes. Your skin may also feel cold and clammy. Excess humidity can cause severe mold and mildew growth, which creates unhealthy air for your family to breathe. In addition, this mold and mildew can destroy walls, floors and ceilings. A whole house dehumidifier can help eliminate this problem by reducing the amount of moisture in the air.

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Prevent Mold Growth With A Whole House Dehumidifier

While a humidifier adds water to the air in your home, a dehumidifier reduces it by condensing the water vapor in the air, converting it to liquid, and keeping it contained before it is able to be re-evaporated and recycled into your living space. Whole house dehumidifiers are installed directly into your HVAC system and ductwork.

Contact one of the air quality specialists at McCarthy Services online or by calling (703) 924-1650 to discuss your best dehumidifier options and how they can increase the comfort in your home.

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