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Garbage Disposal Repair, Removal & Installation in Alexandria, VA

A garbage disposal is simply a motorized device that grinds up food so it can be flushed down the sink. Disposals help eliminate bad odors in your kitchen from rotten food. When there’s a problem, it depends on what it is to determine whether it’s best to repair or replace. Simple issues can be fixed, most often inexpensively. If it’s a serious problem, however, it may be best to have a new garbage disposal installation.

father washing food while cooking in the kitchen with his young son

About Garbage Disposal

Once our plumbing technicians have diagnosed the problem, they will discuss with you what the problem is and what is needed to repair your garbage disposal. They will not perform any work until you have approved any of the work they recommend. If they proceed on your garbage disposal repair, the work will be performed as promptly as possible to decrease any inconvenience you are experiencing.

If you do need to replace your garbage disposal, be sure to call McCarthy Services for your garbage disposal removal. The reason for this is because, like many other professional services, if it is not done properly, more damage causing expensive repairs may happen.

Below Are Some Tips to Help Your Garbage Disposal Last Longer, as Well as for Your Own Safety:

  • Never put your hand into the garbage disposal. If you need to get something out, use tongs or a long fork.
  • Do not put hard objects, including plastic, bones, rubber or metal, down the disposer.
  • When the disposer is on, make sure cold water is running at full-blast to help harden any grease so it doesn’t clog your drain line.
  • Leave your water running for 30-60 seconds after you finish grinding to make sure the ground up debris passes through all of your pipes and into the sewer line.
  • Never use chemical drain cleaners in your disposer.

Call (703) 924-1650 to schedule an appointment, or request an appointment online, for a new garbage disposal or to have your existing one repaired.

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