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Replace and Repair Leaky Faucet and Fixtures in Lorton, VA

Did you know a leaking faucet that drips 5 times a minute can waste approximately 230 gallons of water a year?! If you have a leaking bathroom faucet or an outdoor or kitchen fixture that doesn’t turn off completely, you shouldn’t ignore it. Over time, the dripping water can corrode your pipes, stain your sinks and drain basins, and create rust in your fixtures. All of these issues can create the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

If you notice water slowly dripping from a faucet somewhere within your home, be sure to call  McCarthy Home Services right away for leaky faucet repairs. McCarthy Services has been providing plumbing services in Lorton, VA and the rest of Northern Virginia for 20+ years. We can get to the bottom of what is causing your leak quickly and have it repaired in no time.

All of our plumbers are professionally trained and fully licensed to work in your home. Their plumbing experience, paired with our family-oriented approach provides you and your home with the best possible plumbing services. We have access to the best tools in the industry and work with professional products and quality brands to help clear drains and get your water running smoothly.

Call (703) 924-1650 today, or schedule an appointment online, for expert leaky faucet repair and emergency plumbing in Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, and Northern Virginia.

Why is My Faucet Leaking?

There could be many different reasons why your faucet has started leaking, which is why it’s best to call the professionals at McCarthy Home Services. We know our way around a leaky faucet and can quickly figure out where and why it started. We keep you in the conversation as well by explaining exactly what caused it so you can take steps to prevent it in the future. Below are some of the main reasons faucets start to leak:

Issues with Your Faucets O-Ring: If you utilize a cartridge faucet, you will want to look out for dripping around your handle. The O-ring is attached to the stem screw affixing the handle to the fixture and wears down over time due to regular use of your sink.

Corrosion on the Valve Seat: No matter how clean your water is, there is always some sediment. This residue collects around the valve seat when you turn your faucet on and off. You want to try and keep this area dry after each use.

The Washer is Worn Out: Friction from the washer rubbing up against the valve seat every time you turn the water on or off will eventually cause it to become worn. We notice a lot of leaks stem from this area when we make our house calls. A simple repair for us because we can just take the faucet apart and replace the washer to give it a longer life.

Faucet Not Properly Installed: Installing a new faucet may be one of those chores you think you can handle as a Do-It-Yourself type. If you don’t get everything right though you could end up with bigger issues. Leaky faucets can come from the washer on your faucet not being correctly installed or tightened.

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How Do I Know When to Replace or Repair My Leaky Faucet

As soon as possible is the best answer! Outside of losing money to wasted water, a slowly leaking drain can cause other problems for you and your plumbing. Rust buildup in your fixtures, stains in the sink and basin, corrosion throughout the pipe system, and more can all hurt your existing system. McCarthy Services will repair and replace your leaky faucet quickly to stop the waste. We also carry high-quality replacements should it be necessary to remove your old one and install a totally new faucet. This could also be the perfect time to upgrade your system. Our licensed professionals work with you to help decide what your needs are and how we can provide a fixture solution for your bathroom, kitchen, garage, or basement.

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McCarthy Guarantees Exceptional Service

If you ever come across an issue after we have finished our services for your leaky faucet repair, have no fear. All of our services come backed by the Exceptional Service Guarantee. We honor our guarantee up to a year after the date of your invoice. Our technicians will make every effort to meet your expectations for the job. We also offer emergency services should you need a leak fixed right away. Our technicians are ready for deployment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call McCarthy Services Today for Leaky Faucet Repairs

McCarthy Home Services technicians are ready to help you and your home when you need a leaky faucet repair or replacement. We have the tools and products to ensure your faucet works properly. Whether in the bathroom, kitchen, basement, or garage, we are here for you when you need us. Simply give us a call, and we will assess the situation and develop a plan to help stop the issue immediately.

We’ve been assisting Lorton, VA and the rest of Northern Virginia for more than 20 years! Call our local plumbers today at 703-924-1650, or schedule an appointment online, for expert leaky faucet repair and emergency plumbing in Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington and Northern Virginia.

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