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Replace and Repair Leaky Faucet and Fixtures in Lorton, VA

Did you know a leaking faucet that drips 5 times a minute can waste approximately 230 gallons of water a year?! If you have a leaking bathroom faucet or an outdoor or kitchen fixture that doesn’t turn off completely, you shouldn’t ignore it. Over time, the dripping water can corrode your pipes, stain your sinks and drain basins, and create rust in your fixtures. All of these issues can create the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

At McCarthy Services, we offer fast and reliable leaky faucet repair and emergency plumbers services to homes in Northern Virginia. If you need to fix a leaky faucet, don’t wait – call McCarthy. We repair and replace all types of faucets and fixtures, and work with professional products and quality brands.

Call (703) 924-1650 today, or schedule an appointment online, for expert leaky faucet repair and emergency plumbing in Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington and Northern Virginia.

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