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Excerpt: If you’re having cooling troubles at home, several causes could be at fault. This article takes a brief look at many of the reasons home ACs fail and how your air conditioning professional will correct them.

When your air conditioning stops working as you expect, it’s important to address the issue promptly. While there are some simple steps you can take to determine the possible problem yourself, it’s best to call in an air conditioning repair professional if you can’t identify or fix the problem on your own. Many common air conditioning problems can be solved easily and quickly by your air conditioning repair service in Arlington to restore your home to comfort without stress or worry.

No Cooling at All

If your air conditioning won’t turn on, there are a few things you can check to determine where the problem might lie. First, check your thermostat—make sure the set temperature is below the ambient temperature and the system is set to “cool.” Second, check your circuit breaker to ensure the air conditioning hasn’t tripped a circuit—if your AC seems to trip circuits frequently, you should talk to your air conditioning repair service about solutions, as this could indicate an electrical problem with the system. You should also check the outdoor condenser unit to ensure its power switch is on and its disconnect has not been flipped. If none of these issues appears to be the cause of your cooling problem, it’s time to call in an air conditioning repair professional to evaluate your system.

Poor Cooling Performance

Even if your air conditioning is running, the air blowing from your vents may not be as cool as you expect. If you’ve checked your thermostat to ensure the temperature is set at your preferred level, there are a few other potential causes of this problem. In most cases, poor air conditioning performance is due to a dirty system. You can change the furnace filter yourself, but you’ll also need to call your air conditioning repair service for a thorough professional cleaning of all the components inside your air conditioning system. Keeping your system clean with regular service visits is the single most effective way to prevent costly repairs and poor cooling performance. In some cases, poor cooling could be due to low refrigerant levels—your air conditioning repair technician can fix any leaks in the refrigerant lines and recharge the refrigerant to bring your air conditioner back up to peak performance as well.

Loud Noises

You likely know the average noise level you can expect from your air conditioning system. Louder or unusual noises indicate a problem inside the appliance that should be addressed by an air conditioning repair professional. In most cases, noises are due to worn or poorly-lubricated parts that simply require replacement or cleaning and lubrication to restore cooling power and quiet function once more. Occasionally, loud noises could also be associated with your home’s ductwork; your air conditioning repair professional can suggest modifications to eliminate duct-based sounds so your entire home can enjoy quieter cooling and heating throughout the year.

Your air conditioning repair professional in Arlington can help you troubleshoot and repair any problems you may encounter with your home cooling system. Scheduling prompt repairs will help you save money on your cooling bills and ensure your home always stays cool and comfortable, even during hot summer weather. You can reach an air conditioning professional to schedule service in Arlington when you visit us on the web or check out more home cooling tips and information when you read through our informative blog.

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